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The Power of Choice


I will let you in on a little secret… In Pueblo de Oro, you CAN afford to be choosy.We make choices on a daily basis, consciously or otherwise. What shoes to wear, where to go for lunch, which lane in the highway to take, etc. But for life’s big decisions, more often than not, one’s choice is borne out of circumstances rather than dictated by one’s free will.

The lack of a better choice for our target market, in terms of residential products, is a void that Pueblo de Oro has been trying to fill ever since the company’s inception in 1995. Starting off with our pioneering township development in Cagayan de Oro, we have constantly strived to address not only the needs but also the desires of the very broad middle income market segment. Evidence to this is our subsequent offerings in the Visayas and, most especially, in Luzon, wherein three distinct product types and a multitude of customization options abound to satisfy every discriminating taste. Not to mention, we STILL offer the most unbeatable payment terms in town. In a fast-paced world where fads and trends seem to whirl thru a revolving door, there is solace in the fact that some things remain the same.

Now more than ever, this power of choice is magnified in Luzon as most of our projects are already nearing completion. Our future homeowners are thereby given tangible and definitive choices about the homes they choose to live in, and not just from a conceptual standpoint. Add to this the impending launch of our new house models in the coming months and needless to say, the choice is loud and clear.

Clearly, for our target market in Luzon, the only question that remain is: North (Pampanga) or South (Batangas)?

Leonardo B. Dayao, Jr.
Senior Vice President