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Keep Raising the Bar

CBA 2018

The ICCP Group, of which Pueblo de Oro is a member, recently celebrated an important milestone of its existence – its 30th founding anniversary. From a boutique investment house, it has grown into a group of companies which ventured into industrial estate development, residential property development, venture capital, asset management, and exposition complex development and management.

The Group’s success can be attributed to its strong commitment to quality, integrity and ethics. These core values have been ingrained in the hearts and minds of the members of the ICCP family by no less than our Chairman & CEO, Mr. Guillermo D. Luchangco.

Pueblo de Oro Development Corporation (PODC) is the real estate arm of the ICCP Group. From its first, ambitious 360-hectare township project Cagayan de Oro City, PODC has set its sights on expansion – first to Cebu, then finally to Luzon with developments in Pampanga and Batangas.

In all its projects, PODC strives to showcase the gold standard in community living. I have seen how we continuously improve and set the standards higher in our projects; we have meticulously researched the demands of our target market and have focused on bringing together those elements that our buyers consider important, such as pricing, location, or expandability. I have seen how goal-oriented the whole team is, never settling for less than what our customers deserve: secure, quality, and built-to-last developments.

Pueblo isn’t just about providing quality structures – houses and roads, that is – but we also endeavor to be known for our excellent customer service. We have a strong drive to provide high quality products and superb aftersales service. In keeping with this commitment, the Company decided to register its CDO Projects in 2006 to the ISO 9001:2008, a quality management system standard. Last year, following a demanding three-day audit, we have successfully upgraded this to ISO 9001:2015.

It may be easy to be content with what PODC has become and simply rest on our laurels, but in this highly disruptive business environment, we cannot afford to sit back. Through continuously improving and remaining faithful to our commitment, I am confident to say that we can still reach more years of success. And this wouldn’t be possible if not for the people behind Pueblo de Oro and the ICCP Group.


Chrysler B. Acebu

VP and General Manager