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Inspiring Positive Change

One of the hallmarks of Pueblo de Oro is our dedication to quality design and engineering. Before we embark on any of our projects, we go through numerous studies and revisions to make sure that we deliver a quality end product to our buyers. As an example, we have conducted 50- and 100-year flood studies in our various sites to ensure that our developments are flood free. It is through his attention todetail in conducting our business that we have reached the standing we have today as a national developer trusted by thousands of homeowners in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

With this trust also comes great responsibility. We are at a position where we can make a positive impact not just in the communities we build, but also in the neighboring areas. It is thus fortunate that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is ingrained into the company culture, and as such we are focused on creating values for our community and the environment.

In our flagship project in Cagayan de Oro, we have sustained efforts to maintain the 40-hectare Pueblo Urban rainforest. Our all-weather championship golf course maximizes the use of runoff water, draining it into interconnected lakes before they are recycled for irrigation.

In our different sites, we have also regularly conducted and participated in tree growing activities with various groups and government
agencies, ensuring that the trees that are planted are watched over and given a chance to thrive.

From a social standpoint, our employees have made it a point to help those who are less fortunate, whether they be orphans, school
children, or the victims of such calamities as Sendong and Yolanda. While we are fortunate enough that our developments came out
relatively unscathed from these disasters, we worked double time in extending helping hands to those in need – from our neighbors in
Cagayan de Oro to the fisherfolk in Bantayan Island, Cebu. We are also proud that our homeowners are coming together as a community and initiating their own efforts to share their blessings.

Whether it is through our primary tasks as builders of homes and thriving developments or through our capacity to extend assistance to our host communities through our CSR programs, at Pueblo de Oro we rise by helping others. It is in working to inspire positive change, in designing progress and promoting social development, and in seeing our efforts come to fruition, that we ourselves are inspired.

Rhoel Alberto B. Nolido
President and COO