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La Aldea’s two-storey townhouse units boast of Contemporary Asian-inspired facade that welcome any additions you may want to fit in.

Bask in the warm radiance of sunlight and provide your family a refreshing view of the outdoors.

Project Details

La Aldea two-storey townhouse units boast of an contemporary Asian – inspired façade, with design concepts that welcome any improvements you may want to fit in.

Large windows bring in the warm radiance of sunlight and provide your family with a refreshing view of the outdoors.

Product Offering 

Contemporary Asian-inspired two-storey townhomes with 6 units per cluster, decorative molding accents, metal grill works and plastered interior wall finish.


• 10-meter wide main roads, 8-meter secondary roads and 6.5-meter interior roads
• Landscaped entrance gate
• Guardhouse with 24/7 security
• Multipurpose court
• Park and playground

Lot Area: 40 sq.m ( inner ) and 65 sq.m (end)

Floor Area: 45 sq.m, expandable up to 95 sq.m

HLURB LTS Number: La Aldea Del Monte 24955

Community Living

Community Living

Living Room

Master's Bedroom

Affordability without compromising Quality