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Executive’s Corner

  • Embracing Change
    Mon, 06 Mar 2017

    Today evolved out of yesterday and is the shadow of tomorrow.” This quote may sound familiar to my students during the Real Estate Brokers Licensure Review. It refers to Change, the economic prin... [read more]

  • The Power of Choice
    Wed, 09 Nov 2016

    I will let you in on a little secret… In Pueblo de Oro, you CAN afford to be choosy.We make choices on a daily basis, consciously or otherwise. What shoes to wear, where to go for lunch, which lane ... [read more]

  • Our Golden Lineage
    Thu, 27 Oct 2016

    Buyers are very circumspect when they choose their house, and for good reason. This is where they invest their hard-earned money, so they want to make sure that they are buying property from a reputab... [read more]

  • Inspiring Positive Change
    Fri, 12 Aug 2016

    One of the hallmarks of Pueblo de Oro is our dedication to quality design and engineering. Before we embark on any of our projects, we go through numerous studies and revisions to make sure that we de... [read more]

  • Delivering Our Promises
    Wed, 04 May 2016

    It is only the first quarter of 2016 and it has already been an eventful year for us. I am happy to announce that we have successfully turned over to the condominium corporation the property manage... [read more]