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           Pueblo Homes

To give its numerous lot buyers an opportunity to already build their houses in Pueblo de Oro with minimum hassles and at maximum savings, Pueblo de Oro Development Corp. (PODC) launched its Pueblo Homes project.

The project offers standard housing units to existing lot owners in Pueblo de Oro’s various residential villages, including Golden Glow North, Golden Glow Village, Vista Verde Village, Hillsborough Pointe, Morning Mist Village, and Philamlife Village. 

Lot owners may choose from several house designs, consisting of single-detached or single attached two-storey models, with floor areas ranging in size from 60 sq.m. to 105 sq.m. A one-storey model consisting of 36 sq.m. is also available except for Philamlife Village, where only the larger-sized models are offered.

House prices are very reasonable and construction takes around five months to complete.

Apart from availing of ready to build homes, lot owners are also given the option to pay for their units in spot cash or through bank or Pag-IBIG financing. If through financing, they will also be assisted by Pueblo with the documentary requirements for loan approval by the funding agency.

Pueblo Homes Model Houses

Belinda House Model
Belinda Basic Model

Belinda Model House
Belinda 36 (basic) jpeg

Camille Model
Camille Basic Model

Camille Model House
Camille 60 grnd floor
Camille 60 2nd floor
Eliza House Model
Eliza Basic Model

Eliza Model House
Eliza 72 grnd floor
Eliza 72 2nd floor
Isabel House Model
Isabel Basic Model

Isabel 2nd (2 t&b) floor
Isabel 2nd (2 t&b) floor
Isabel 2nd (2 t&b) floor