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New Electric Tricycles Ply Pueblo Batangas

Pueblo de Oro Batangas lives up to its promise as the “Coolest Breeze in the South” by providing an environmentally-friendly way of transporting its residents in and out of the villages. Last July 2016, PODC entered into a 60-day trial agreement with A&C. Green Creations Philippines Corp., a local dealer of electric tricycles which will exclusively provide shuttle services to its villages.

Also known as sunEtrike, the energy-efficient tricycle runs cleanly and operates quietly. The Etrike does not emit carbon monoxide that damages the earth’s ozone layer since it runs on electric motors powered by rechargeable batteries, at the same time-saving costs since no gasoline is required.

The initial feedback of Pueblo Batangas residents has been positive. Once Pueblo de Oro enters into a long-term full service agreement with A&C Green Creations Philippines, a solar charging station shall be installed to charge the tricycles off-grid, allowing for more cost efficient operations in the long run. This will also make Pueblo de Oro Batangas one of the very first residential developments in Sto. Tomas to have an eco-friendly shuttle service operation.